Music Distribution

Latest Music Distributions:
  • Global Music Distribution. up to 150+ Streaming Platforms.
  • Partner Artist ID (Artist account in Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music).
  • YouTube Monetization.
  • Spotify Verified Profile.
  • Earn from Sales.
  • 0% Publishing Fee
  • Get Paid annually.

Obtain the necessary mechanical license hassle-free with our simplified system, ensuring your music is protected and legally compliant for a successful distribution process.

  • Be granted Permission to Distribute a Cover Song.
  • Ensure that the original copyright holders receive appropriate mechanical royalties for the use of their musical work.
  • Share your work without restrictions or legal concerns.
  • Protect your work from Copyright Infringement.

Notes about your Release:

  • TINUTU takes 0% commission from your Earnings.
  • TINUTU creates a minipage for your Release, No additional fees.
  • TINUTU posts your release on social media (Instagram + Facebook).