International Standards

MEET Global Music Standards:

All in 1: Complete all Digital Music Industry Steps.

Unlock the full Potential of your Music: Our All-in-One Guide provides expert Assistance to help you navigate the International music standards and how they can propel your music career to new heights. From Copyright Compliance to Performance Royalties and Digital Distribution, our Platform guides you with the necessary Tools and Resources to navigate the Global Music Landscape seamlessly.

  • Royalty Collection
  • Music Distribution
  • Music Promotion
  • Official Artist Profile
  • Cover Song Licensing
  • Annual Payment
  • 0% Administration Fee


We ensure that all our services adhere to the latest industry standards, keeping you in alignment with the ever-evolving demands of the music world. With our vigilant approach, your music remains relevant and accessible to a global audience, meeting the criteria set by international regulations. By staying updated with the latest requirements, we safeguard your artistic interests and propel your music career towards an internationally recognized platform.